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Charles Gaines

General Information
Charles Gaines » Profile
Gaines is a player with a very powerfull physical condition. He has an athletic strenght, a quickness and a coordination uncharacteristic of a player in his possition. His physical qualities and his attitude, very aggressive in the court, makes him a dominant player on defense.
 His appearance, his forcefulness, his generosity in defensive assistance, his intimidation and his consistance makes him a determinant player, able to change by himself the dynamic of a team.
 He is a disciplined player, who bases on the right decision making his offensive contribution. Charles Gaines is not only an inside scorer , he also has a good mid-range jumper and he has excelent ball-handling skills that allows him to finish the fastbreaks and to play facing the basket.
Above all, Gaines is a team player, with excellent offesive and deffensive habits, decisive in any European league.

Charles Gaines » Achievements

After a brilliant career in S. Mississippi (2nd ideal team of the C-USA in 2004), he played his first season as a professional in CBA, leading in rebounding the competition and the third in field-goals, achievement that helped him to make the step forward to Europe and to play in Reggio Calabria in the Italian (Lega-A). 

After the summer leagues NBA (Indiana Pacers), on the season 2005/2006 is hired by ASVEL Villerbanne, in the French Pro-A, where also plays ULEB Cup, in which he was selected as the best power forward of the year. In league, he was the forth best rebounder of the championship.

 On the season 2006/2007, he signs wih Joventut de Badalona (Spanish ACB), playing for first time in his still short professional career the Euroleague, in which he is still playing (Top-16). On this season, he has also played the Spanish King´s Cup, in which his team reached the semifinals of this competition.

06/07 Joventut ACB 34 26 11.1 7.8 0.7 1.5 0.6 56 - 69

05/06 Villeurbanne France(Pro-A) 33 - 13.6 8.1 1.1 0.9 - 55 - -

05/06 Villeurbanne ULEB 14 - 12 8.1 - 1.3 - 54 - 65

05/05 Reggio Calabria Italy(A1) 9 - 14.4 8.8 - 1.4 1.3 52 50 -

04/05 Michigan CBA 44 - 18.3 11.4 - 1.2 - 59 25 -

03/04 S. Mississippi NCAA1 - - 15.7 10.1 - - - - - -

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